DT in HK

David has flown into HK from LA & will be having press conference today re his concerts. He said that since the release of his new album will mark his temporary departure from music, he will go all out & challenge the music scene. I hope so & that he will give us something completely different. He did not say whether or not he will stay with EMI but maybe his contract will be put on hold since he is 'temporarily' departing. Anyway he might say more during the press conference. I hope he has finished his film script cos I really looking forward to seeing his movie. I am not expecting any breakthroughs or fantastic sales for his album or box office success for his movie. So long as he is able to deliver quality music that moves me & a well-made film with good storyline I will be satisfied.


Anonymous said...

hi, do u have any idea if i can still get hold of david's love can hk concert dvd or sth in singapore?

Zhao said...

The HK Love Can dvd is probably out of stock but should be able to get the Power of Live which has footage of TW & HK concerts.