DT walk on

Watched the Grammies & was quite enjoyable. I particularly love the piano duet between Lang Lang & Herbie Hancock for Rhapsody in Blue. Lang Lang was nominated for his solo performance, Beethoven Piano Concertos Nos 1 & 4, but didn't win, still there is always nxt time. He is only 25 after all ^__^
Alicia Keys was probably the best singer. She not only looks beautiful but her voice is just lovely. She has a perfect range with amazing clarity. That's when I discovered I am a music masochist. Cos it was not her that I am moved by but Amy Winehouse. Amy whose voice I don't even like much. She is not as beautiful or perfect or talented as Alicia but I am moved by her every time I hear her sing. Its like she took her pain, her hurts & suffering, magnified them a thousand times so you can't help but be destroy emotionally when you listen to her sing but she then soothes you down by taking it all back. Hard to describe.
I am guessing I am not the only affected cos even though her performance was not the best among the more amazing ones like Beyonce & Tina Turner, she headlined almost every article abt the award show. She wasn't even there but performed by satellite from London. Maybe we just wanna suffer more than we admire. Or suffer through someone else's pain, it hurts less that way. Actually I feel sry for Alicia, Beyonce, Fiest & the other female nominees cos they are probably more talented, work harder & have way less bad press but still the attention is on this scrawny singer who is still in rehab. But this is the power of music I guess. Maybe Amy is just gifted that way. She may have made a mess of her life but still she is able to move ppl with her music cos she suffered more. I like what Chaka Khan said abt her: "She's walking her walk. We all have a walk in life, we have hard and difficult times and going through that chaos often leads to clarity." What abt DT? Can he still move me? A thousand times yes *__* He probably doesn't magnified his pains & suffering a thousand times like Amy but enough so I can still feel it. He does more soothing though & more healing. At least that's how I feel abt his music. To me DT is walking his walk.

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