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Lots of nice pixs, short newsclip & vry enjoyable longer newsclip ^__^
The event was held in the largest shopping centre in Guangzhou & David was surprised by the no of fans on the top flrs & just adorable when he kept waving & pointing at them.
He wore jeans instead of the suit pants but carried off the look well & think its Big John jeans. Apparently he will have some Big John activities on 12/8 & a party planned for Jan nxt yr. His Big John ad can be seen on some buses in Taipei & gifts with his images are available with Big John purchases. (Big John info credit & courtesy Tao Mi Tian Tan)
He looked gorgeous here, vry sunshiny. Good interview where he talked abt his concert, his music & ideal partner. While most singers will feel successful when ppl can sing their songs @ ktv, for David it would be a failure. Only if not many ppl can sing like him then he will consider its a success. Seemed some fans read his palm from his album cover (The Great Leap 2004) & said that his love life will not be smooth sailing, David laughed out loud & earnestly told fans not to believe in palmistry cos happiness should depend on oneself. He felt that for his first movie, he should personally write the script cos he felt a director should be totally immersed in his own creation in order to have good results. I am curious in what language does he use to write his script. Considering his chinese is not so good, does he write in english first & then get it translated? Must be a long & painstaking process.

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