Awarding DT

The Global music award show is vry boring & just reaffirmed the sorry state of the chinese music industry. Most singers still sing karaoke style with vry little emotion. Note to singer: closing yr eyes while singing is not emoting. The mainland chinese singers are usually the better or more natural singers & have better stage charisma. Show Lou still cannnot convince me he can dance. Note to dancer: moving your arms & legs in synchronicity is not dancing, even a puppet can do that. Most winners tried to promote their upcoming albums or concerts during their acceptance speech which I thought rather tacky.
David appeared vry spaced out, probably cos he just stepped off a plane. He got confused with his first award & thought it was for Marry me today when it was for Wan Bu Liao & thanked Jolin ^__^ The nxt award for best duet was for Marry me today so he thanked Jolin again. Interesting that the other two duets which won were both covers of old songs with new reworking of melody. Joey Yung sang Marry me today & I must say she was the best I heard after Jolin. She also won Best female singer. It was a pity they didn't arrange for her to sing with David. Eason Chan looked good too & sang Under Mt Fuji beautifully.
Btw this is EMI head Sam Chen who presented DT with a guitar strap during his concert promo. He has sensibly refused to reply to Jay's puerile attack on him.

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