12/15 Guangzhou concert

Guangzhou concert has been confirmed on 12/15. Venue is 广州市天河体育场 and tickets range from RMB150-680 but according to DTFC only 680 & 480 available now. Also unconfirmed reports that David might be guest for A-Mei concerts in Taipei Superdome on 12/22&23. And he might be performing at a largescale concert in Shanghai on 12/9. So his Dec schedule looks pretty packed, hope he have enough rest now & fatten up plse so u don't get sick again :P We don't mind if u r not svelte, yr sexy voice is enough ^__^
SGFC is able to get in these concert merchandise like this really nice id tag so visit their forum if u wanna place yr order. Power of Live only have 1 concert rearranged song, Regular Friends, but it was just so amazingly good that I really hope he would release concert cd containing all the rearranged songs including the special new rap he did for Susan Said.

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