The DT effect

Got the Power of Live today & experienced the "butterfly effect" all over again ^__^ Just listening to small things like the slight break in his voice, the way he hold a note or the quality of his voice just make me so happy, so aware of him & his power to move me.
It was great to see the huge tangerine on stage at last & it was a less rock version of Black Tangerine than the HK one but no less powerful. The rendition of Blue Moon/Somewhere over the Rainbow was more mellow but wonderfully haunting. Melody was so beautiful but heartbreaking & I honestly hope he won't have to sing it live again as I could see the pain of loss on his face. The dvd ended with a relaxed David chatting abt the experiences of his various concerts. It was extremely enjoyable. The cd has more talking & bonus track of Free. Free lyrics written by DT & David K & all guitars performed by DT. He also wrote very meaningful preface in the photo & lyrics booklet:
Power of Live
The butterfly has always been a symbol of life to me. Or, rather, a symbol of the magical transformation of life. And though a butterfly may appear fragile and, throughout history, it has come to represent a powerful, spiritual and soulful presence.
Perhaps scientific, perhaps poetic, the "butterfly effect" is a theory that suggests the gentle flapping of a butterfly's wings may perhaps create tiny changes in the atmosphere, which in turn, could ultimate cause a tornado.
What is certain, however, is that the "butterfly effect" does exist in my world. It exists in the world of art, music and literature. Every time a lyric, a note, a brush stroke or an image touches you, you are experiencing this effect. It enters your senses unassumingly but creates a ripple effect that changes your life, forever.
This "effect" is even more powerful when it is shared and experienced collectively first hand. This is the power of "live".
You have all individually and collectively changed my life forever and I hope I have done the same through my music. This is the "Power of Live" and it comes from the power that flows from life.
Thank you.

As I watched the dvd, I suddenly realised he was not stubborn in not doing another Soul Power. I think he is no longer able to do another Soul Power because he is always moving forward. He is always a few steps ahead & he can no longer turn back. I also realised now that his album Beautiful is not only abt memories but moving with the times. Because if you don't move ahead & insist on staying at the same place, then how can you have memories? I was so wrong abt him AGAIN. I thought he is being hackneyed & mushy abt this whole 'rememberance of things past' when actually he is telling us to move on with the time. The theme is memories AND time, one goes with the other. That could be why he put the Blade Runner reference at the end cos its a movie abt the future. So the 'butterfly effect' at work again *__*
Our dear friend Jay Chou :P seems to be a loose cannon lately aiming his fire at EMI head Sam Chen. He claimed that Sam was behind the JJ rumors in order to 'stir up controversy' & presumedly get Jolin into the news headlines. He also claimed EMI released falsified figures abt Jolin's cd sales. However he clarified that he was not gunning at Jolin but his No 1 enemy Sam Chen *roll eyes* Sounds rather juvenile like his 1st single >"< Anyway he has released 'actual figures' of his cd sales which presently stand at 1,079,980 asiawide with, get this, 900,000 in China. This man is getting more annoying by the minute. Anyway only mentioned this cos Sam Chen is David's boss as well.

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