Lend me your ears

I come not to bury David but to praise him ^__^ Enough of the negativity. Some nice news of our Dave. He hopped quietly to HK over the weekend to watch Eason concert apparently. Here some nice pixs of him rehearsing in Singapore for Shanghai concert. Love his back view. I already watch Power of Live twice & listened to the cd many times.
There is a song I love most & it is not written by DT *gasp* It is 晚安曲 (Goodnight Sonata) written by a Taiwanese songwriter called 劉家昌 (Liu Jia-Chang) who was famous in the 70s for writing many love ballads used in movies. David inserted part of it into I Love You during his encore. As I listened, I realised once again why I am captivated by this multi-talented, multi-faceted man. His voice, his music can evoke strange emotions in me. As I listen, it is the particular flavor of Taiwan that I am experiencing. If you ever watch movies by Hou Hsiao-hsien or Edward Yang, you will know what I mean. Its like La Vie En Rose reminding me of France. I have heard many old Taiwanese hits by Taiwanese veteran singers but none can evoke that feeling in me. God I love that feeling, I love being reminded of a place, a story, a scene with just a snatch of a song or voice. So for a few minutes as David sing, I can almost feel his heart beat with pride as he sing this favorite Taiwanese tune before a 40 000 strong audience in his homeland. At that moment he is all Taiwanese.
Then when I listen to Spring Wind, I can feel his gradual acceptance of being part of Taiwan. When he first went to work in Taiwan, he was initally unhappy & could not settled into Taipei. Then listening to Tuberose, it was his strongest feeling that chinese music must be updated & dragged into the 21st century. With Shanghaied, it was through his tourist eyes that I see the fastest growing, most modernised city in China. In The Art of War, I heard the sound of ancient China with the help of 12 Girl Band merged with his ultra modern outlook on the world through chinese eyes. Every song & his voice just so evocative. Sometime I can't bear it & just turn off the music so I can keep the refrain of his voice in my mind. Esp with Free. That song just brings so many images in my mind. Like him, I fear normality & having to settle down in one place. The thirst to wander & seek forever something unreachable. The joy is not to reach the destination but the journey.

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