Planning DT

I find its amazing that they get him to wear the foppiest outfits in his concerts & yet he can still look good ^__^ In recent news he has changed his tune abt not releasing album nxt yr. Apparently he is not only releasing album nxt yr but filming a movie & having 7 or 8 concerts in HK, China, Singapore, Malaysia & North America. So now NA is back on his agenda. But I think one must not take DT's plans at face value cos he vry seldom fulfilled all of them. He has been airing the NA concerts for a while now & he only done 1 so far. He talked abt 10 concerts this yr & he only done half. I think what he said is what he would like to do but alas, the man is always full of delays.
I think probably the only sure thing nxt yr is a new album as he said that he has already written enough songs. As for his movie, considering he only has a half-written script, no title, no cast, no crew & he supposed to assemble all that in a couple of months as well as finished his script? Not to mention concerts all over the world & promo activities for his new album. Oh dear I am vry critical of him lately but that cos I still love him dearly & hope he can achieve more satisfaction through his work *sigh* He still give me goosebumps with his songs & his endearing voice. Asia Plus will be showing Global Chinese Music Awards this Sat 11/3 @ 8.00pm & repeat Sun 11/4 @ 12.00 am. This is a 3 hr long program where David will be seen for only a few mins but still it has been so long since I see him in an award show *__*

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