DT in trouble

As I suspected, David has been dragged into the 'EMI buy chart' controvesy. Ever since Jay announced that he will released his new album on 10/26, the same date as David's Taipei concert, I have been waiting for something like this. Anyway suspicion has been thrown into why Power of Live came 1st in sales for the 5 main music stores in Taiwan but 18 in G-music chart. Jay's result is of cos clean & honest, he came 3 in both.
OK, even DT fans would know that it is impossible for Power of Live to sell better than Jay's new album. David has nvr sell better than Jay but it is not something both EMI or DT fans ever been concerned abt. So what would EMI buy charts for an album which is not even a new studio album from David when everybody know it is impossible to get No 1 before Jay. So who did? Who can gain when David & EMI's reputation go down the drain? Ask yourself this before you believe this news which would probably escalate to Sina & Tom websites.
OK Jay fans reading this would think that I am hating on Jay. Honestly I have no interest in him initially but its when I noticed that he seems to be unhealthily obssessed with David that I began to research more abt him. Jay likes to win & he wants to be seen as influential. Basically he wants to be known as the Taiwanese musician who opens doors for other Taiwanese musicans to conquer new musical frontiers. The one that other musicians follow & emulate. OK, that's a fair ambition to have & I dun begrudge him for that. For a while, he rode the charts & ppl praised him & lauded him. He was known as Asia's King of R&B & was the biggest winner in most Chinese awards shows.
But have you noticed that less & less they say he is r&b anymore? He is known more for his 'chinese wind' songs, a genre most Chinese music experts hope will die down & nvr be heard again. Why? Well, have you heard any American or European pop music that featured classical or operatic music? Not much rite? Cos a real musician will not keep taking music from the past to insert into their own music. That's not creativity just laziness.
Jay is also winning less & less awards & it rankled. One of the things Jay mentioned abt Sam Chen, EMI head, was that he was hurt when he heard Sam celebrating when he lost in an award show to a EMI artiste. Now who could Jay possibly lost to in an award show? That's when I know poor David will suffer through no fault of his. David has always avoided competition with Jay. He even asked not to be labelled r&b. He nvr strive to be known as influential & he is happy when he win awards but not too concerned when he dun.
Anyway you may think I am just a mad raving DT fanatic who is being fanciful. But this is what my blog is for so I can give an alternative view to the negative news abt David. I criticised him plenty as u know cos I know he is just human & has a lot of faults. But the one thing he will not do is 'buy chart' for his albums. Most DT fans would know that but lotsa ppl esp Jay fans will believe that he did in order to score a win against Jay.
Of cos nobody questioned Jay's one million sales figure with 9/10 accounted for in mainland China. Last yr Rain also claimed 1 million sales with half accounted for in mainland China, which meant that Rain sold four times more than Jay in Asia outside of China. That's the trouble with trying to win, in the end you find you lose more than you win. Jay himself has also been accused of falsifying sales figures by Feng Xiao Gang, director of The Banquet. He said Secret is not the box office success in China as claimed. Secret is not actually box office success anywhere in Asia either, it did not break any records, it did not come first in any rating. Lust Caution is the unofficial box office success of chinese movies this yr. Secret did fairly well for a domestic movie but just cos it did not flop dun necessarily mean it was a box office success. The haste that it came out on dvd/vcd could mean they are trying to recoup their losses as it is heavily budgeted with expensive CGI effects.

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