Freeing DT

Vry quiet so hopefully David has flown back home to work on his script. At least he didn't release an album this yr or he could be caught in the crossfire. Nobody is talking abt music now but its all abt the fake sales figures *sigh*. Basically if u support your idol & buy original, dun have to worry abt any figures or watch the chart so avidly. Don't even have to look at the charts & I can tell you which albums sell well & which didn't. Although it pains me vry much to say this but if DT wants to leave the music scene after his 6th studio album has been released, then I support him wholeheartedly. He can't be happy to work in these conditions & I do want him to be happy. Was randomly watching a movie last nite & noticed Gold Label & Paco in the credits. Since Paco is already in the movie business, hopefully he can help DT film his movie nxt yr which is less than 2 mths away.
Listen to Eagles' new single How Long & I like it almost as much as David's Free. Both songs are quite similar being country rock with the strong feel of wanderlust. Of cos DT's guitar playing cannot match with theirs but they are a band & he is a one-man band. I was thinking this song will probably be a hit here not cos ppl like country rock but cos it already a hit in the West. But if David were to release Free as a single off his new album, ppl will just say its bland yada yada *sigh* Craig David is back with his 4th album & his 1st single Hot Stuff is updated version of David Bowie's Let Dance. I have yet to warm up to it but the mv is vry cool *__*

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