Legal DT

Recent news abt David winning court case against Taiwanese mag for misleading articles last yr claiming he was a cad who left his girlfriend at home while pursuing 2 models. Both models had categorically denied that he tried to court them. Vry surprised that he actually took legal action against the mag but glad that he did. Although not gonna stop the lies & slanders in other publications & already there is another 'underground gf' rumor *sigh* but at least he took a stand. Even though it took more than a yr to prove that it was all a pack of lies & most ppl would have forgotten the story by now, but its a small step of victory against the paparazzi. A vry matured & civilised approach by David. Once again, dun care what others think abt you but you are an honorable man. Your grandparents & parents taught you well & they should be proud.

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