Some DT news

2nd episode of Hennessy Art of Mixing on MTV did show David but it was much too short. The interview was in english & as ever just fell in love with his crazily sexy voice ^__^ They only showed his performances briefly with Justin & Kewei. He looked good & sounded even better. Really cannot fault his live singing even when he is not 100%. He is just such a consummate singer.
Okaaaaay, not sure if I wanna do this. Although this is a blog abt David but I really do not want to intrude into his privacy. But there is so little news abt him now *sigh* & he seldom updates his website. So here goes *big sigh* Apparently David is in HK at the moment & he visited a famous restaurant & met up with an old friend! Oh dear he looked so tired still it was late at night but he is still beautiful to me *__* Love the clothes he is wearing. Hopefully his business there is related to his movie. Before that he had been holidaying in Europe with his parents & in Rome a fan managed to get an autograph. Anyway he has revealed abt his Europe vacation so don't feel too guilty abt showing this. So sweet that he took the time to take his parents to Europe *swoon* Glad that he had some time off to rest & relax before busy December. Hope he will write soon to update us on what he is doing so I don't have to feel so guilty abt writing my blog. I feel like the paparazzi sometimes >"<

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