Live it up DT

Seemed that David will be in Guangzhou today to promote his upcoming concert altho tickets are selling well so he probably just wanna met his fans & thank them. Hopefully there will be some pixs so can remember what he looks like ^__^ Also some more news abt his Europe vacation where he took his parents & staff mbrs to Italy. He wanted to celebrate his parents' 39 wedding anniversary. I must say David is most generous when it comes to the important things in his life *__*
Saw some concert clips of Amy Winehouse's infamous London gigs & I must say despite her obviously unsober state & occasionally bickering with her band, the woman is amazing. She could just mesmerised even when she was just standing there unappetising with eyes downcast looking like she really needed rehab yes yes yes :P She sang unrestrained without holding back, everything out there so you can see deep inside her, feel her, move with her. It was just so gut wrenching, the power of live indeed. I wish DT could move up to this level. He is almost there but not quite. He needs to let go more. Freefall David freefall, remember John Lennon. Forget abt the girlies with their silly water sleeves. Vry stunningly pretty I admit but honestly, its just fancy dressing & not required in the concert of someone who wants to live up to the power of live singing.

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