Quangzhou concert promo

DT @ his concert promo in Quangzhou. He looked really good. His hair is longer & styled the way I like it. He wore a dark grey 3-piece suit & pink shirt with a gorgeous lapel pin, rather baroque, maybe he picked it in Rome *heehee* Wow vry dressed up but I like it. With his excellent physique, he can look good in both formal & casual wear. DTFC put up some short clips & he sounded good too but his mic didn't work again. Its strange he always given malfunctioning mic during his concert promos. He looked relaxed & happy so think the European jaunt did him a whole lot of good. There's usual interview questions abt the concert, future plans & stuff. But one funny one was when he was told lotsa fans find his songs hard to sing. He replied that of cos, singing is his profession, if everybody can easily sing his songs then he must have failed & should step down. Then he laughed & explained that he did not deliberately make his songs difficult to sing but he is just following his own feelings. He will also not try & make the songs so difficult to sing that ppl find them unacceptable. Such a funny, cute, articulate & lovely man.
Anyway he seemed vry satisfied with his script writing. He is quite adamant that he will not be an actor but only director. He wants to go back to his original career which is behind the scene. He only wants to do the things he knows he can do well because he wants to respect himself as well as his audience. He is filming not because he wants to make a David Tao movie for himself but he wants to make a movie for a wide audience that will be a breakthrough in the chinese filmmaking industry. Wow that's quite ambitious but its good that he is so confident. Might as well go for broke & try to make a movie nobody else is making rite?
No matter what, he has his fans' support esp when asked when did he find his concert most touching. He said during the ending when he is saying goodbye. In those few minutes, there is no music & he introduced his band mbrs & made some heartfelt speeches. No screaming or clapping from the audience as they silently listened to him. At that moment he suddenly felt that it must be these ppl, so many years, always supporting him so he must thank them. So must we thank you, always there, so many years giving us good sincere music, never compromising. A musician who respects himself as well as his audience. Looking forward to your movie *__*

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