West on DT

Some news abt Zhou Bichang wanting to attend David's Quangzhou concert. Apparently her fanclub bought a lot of concert tickets, maybe they knew she was gonna attend. Of cos media speculation that she may sing with him which will be quite nice. Here's a nice english blog review of the Taipei concert with pixs, & article abt the upcoming concert in Life Of Guangzhou website. Another westerner singing David's song, this time is Black Tangerine, must say his chinese pronunciation is extremely good. So is this blonde singing Smalltown Girl over @ youtube:

This is a vry interesting western viewpoint on how the chinese listen to music. I must say I do empathise with him cos I have wondered abt this myself. How it is that ppl here are able to listen to the same song continuously for such a long time? Ppl here seem to think that only if they want to ktv the song then it is a good song. I can understand why David is so discouraged with the chinese music scene just like that guy who lovingly make such good cds for the pool hall but they only like the cd with the song repeated 18 times *sigh* Also interesting are the 5 songs picked as the monster hits in China & the fact I know 3 of them ^__^ Mice Love Rice, Kenny G's Going Home & of cos, Marry Me Today.

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