DT in nirvana

Nice pix of DT & Kheng Long. Wonder if he is already in KL for tomorrow concert? Feel like flying there just to peep at him ^__^ He really makes me so happy, well his music & his attitude towards music & life in general. David gave himself high score of 90 for the Guangzhou concert! Wow high praise from a perfectionist who is unlikely to give full score of 100. Read one review which began bemusedly that for a concert that was not even full house but already fans loudly proclaiming it as a tremendous success, this could only happened to David Tao. Couldn't agree more. David's attitude is not to stage the most sold-out concert or the most spectacular but the most memorable for his audience. As far as he is concerned, if he, his band and his audience had a great time then it is a success. Simple as that, & he seemed to have convinced his audience to think the same *__*
Curiously caught a clip of Nirvana's Unplugged in New York (1993) with Kurt Cobain singing Come As You Are. Not that I am a big Nirvana fan but the man did really had some strange charisma. He looked terrible with stringy hair & his singing flat & almost emotionless yet I could feel his yearning sadness & endless pain. This was only a few months before his suicide. Cos of David's catching enthusiasm in Power of Live that lately I began to have different thoughts when watching live concert clips. Normally dun mind elaborate staging, awful puppet dancing in tandem & horrible sound system, now I just wanna listen to the singer sing. Dun even mind if the singing is not perfect so long as it can move me to the point where I am almost holding my breath & let it all out when the singing is done. Dear DT, once again you inspired me & heightened my sense in watching concert clips *TQ* (Pix above reminding me of Cobain credited to Australian fan who posted @ DT forum. Another non-Asian fan who is also vry good photographer.)
(Above pix credit & thanks to DTFC)
Read some few yearend reviews of 2007 albums & there wasn't any real favorite. A reviewer who put Jay's album on top cos he still had the most 'renzhi' then grouchily declaimed David with a chinese proverb that described him as 'still having his eye on the territory but in actual fact, has retreated back to his homeland'. Vry fanciful haha but actually not a bad description of DT. I think when David released The Great Leap, he was still all enthusiastic abt changing the perception of good chinese music but now he just wants to do good music & to hell with the charts, sales & 'renzhi'. He really has retired from the race of who is considered the best, the most saleable, the most bankable, the most favorite. He is just not interested anymore. If you enjoy his music, buy his album. If you don't, then he is not gonna lose sleep over it. I don't know but maybe this has given him an almost invincible aura which gets up the nose of Chinese critics who hate this kinda care less attitude. Anyway good luck to his performance in Star Live Concert 2007!

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