Gift for DT

Lots more pixs of VW car show event here & here, also can watch same clip @ tom.com & sina.com ^__^ He looks so debonair & sings so beautifully. Agreed with him that Free is a vry suitable car song.
But DT is not a happy man cos apparently he carefully shopped for hours & personally chose 35 special Xmas gifts for friends & staff despite his busy schedule but only got 7 in return. He felt that ppl have forgotten the meaning of exchanging gifts during Xmas. The excuse he got was they dun know what to give him or too busy but he replied who is busier than him & even if its a glass with Bruce Lee image, he will be happy. Dun know he is Bruce Lee fan cos I willingly give him my treasured Bruce Lee doll heehee Dun know if he really angry or just joking cos he can't be that petty >"< Still I do understand what he meant cos I too felt ppl are always giving excuse of 'busy' when what they meant is they cannot be bothered. NOBODY can be that busy - best eg President Bush playing golf during Katrina disaster. That's why my dad & I spent this Xmas quietly by ourselves cos the rest can't be bothered even though my dad like DT also called them to complain *sigh* But no matter dear DT, u r always treasured virtually here in my blog which is my perennial gift to you.
Good news is that Peter Chan has promised to support DT's movie & he already has a budget of $3000K. Cos he promised to finish his script by yearend, his investors have already been pestering him as if they dun know Mr Delay Tao by now *roll eyes* During new year DT will be personally scouting shooting locations in China *__* Wow so exciting, really looking forward to his movie now that all seem to be getting together. Btw Peter Chan's The Warlords starring Jet Lee, Andy Lau & Takeshi Kaneshiro is doing great at the Asian box office with good reviews & is 2007 bona fide box office success.

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