5 days to GZ concert

Nothing much on David in the news except more gf rumors again *sigh* Is it a crime for David to have a gf? The paparazzi seems to want readers to think so, but I think its to punish him for daring to take one of them to court. So far they have given him 2 gfs in 2 mths, can't wait for what they will write nxt mth? Will they bring in another lingerie model? Or will they revive the yoga teacher? ^__^
Golden Horse time & the poor dilemma of the judges. Forget the others, only 3 needed to be considered. Pride of Taiwan - Lust, Caution. Pretender to Pride of Taiwan - Secret. The movie that deserved to win - Getting Home. They decided to award all - Best Movie to Lust Caution, Best Taiwan Movie to Secret, Best Audience's Choice - Getting Home. Oh yeah, there's a locally made movie to be taken into account as well - What on earth have I done wrong got the Critics award. Were the last 3 awards just tack on to take care of this? Cos nvr heard of them in Golden Horse before. Also they awarded Best Actress to the gorgeous Joan Chen & Tang Wei got Best Newcomer although does she even qualify considering its not her first movie? Anyway who cares?
Only movie I wanna watch in 2007 is I am Legend. Cute Will Smith & even cuter German Shepherd. How can I resist? *_*

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