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Nothing much abt the Quangzhou concert *sigh* Anyway even though I feel vry alone blogging abt David, I do enjoy my loneliness which in a way is strange. My aunt said its cos I hate humans which could well be true haha But sometimes its hard not to hate humans like today waiting for the bus & there this rather overweight man who has trouble moving trying to alight with a walking stick hung with several bags of groceries. I quickly moved outta way to give him space but the other people just rudely pushed past me to board the bus forcing the poor man to retreat & alight only when they had all gone up the bus >"<
The bus was fairly empty & the driver ain't gonna drive off anytime soon so what was the hurry. Not only that but they were glaring at the poor man with annoyance. I felt so disgusted that I decided not to board the bus & endured their horrid company. I admit I am not really a vry nice person but I believe I do have manners & consideration for others. Like David ^__^
Still one must have faith in the human spirit. That why there's this beautiful movie with a beautiful title Le Scaphandre et le papillon directed by Julian Schnabel. In english, its called Diving Bell and Butterfly. Although a lot of critics lauded it as the best foreign movie in 2007, it will not be competing for the Oscars as it is a French film directed by an American so the French will not submit it. Ironical isn't it when Lust Caution is a Chinese film directed by a Taiwanese who insisted on submitting it as a Taiwanese movie.
By the by did you know the replacement movie for Lust Caution in Taiwan's entry to the Oscar, En Chen's Island Etude, was not nominated in any categories in Golden Horse? Could be because the filmmakers did not submit it cos for some ppl, making a movie is not just to win awards. Mr Lee Ang might wanna remember that before he throw another little tantrum abt Taiwanese movies not being respected. The late Edward Yang & Hou Hsiao-hsien might not agreed with you as their uniquely Taiwanese films were much respected & won a lot of awards.
Oh well another director fallen by the roadside but then there is always Wong Kar Wai, still my fav. DT just have to step up to it & come up with his movie soon so I can claim him as my favorite & most respected director *__*

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