12 days to QZ concert

Big John website is operational with a vry enjoyable clip of David talking abt their co-operation. This is something I always love abt David - his childlike enthusiasm for every project he is involved with & his ability to come up with something deep & meaningful. For instance he mentioned the history of Big John jeans, I guess he meant that Mr Ozaki who founded the company, was credited with first introducing blue jeans into Japan. Anyway there will be activities, contests & suchlike leading to the party nxt yr. Guess the nice thing is that it will keep him here in Asia after his QZ concert.
The NTV7 concert in KL on 12/22 is also confirmed so it won't be long before his fans here can get to see him. I happened to catch televised MTV 'live' performance of Da Mouth who will also be performing at this concert & sry to say they were lipsynching. The audience seemed to suspect so the applause was rather sparse. Hope they will at least try & sing live during that day although for their kind of dance music, it could be hard to sound good live. So its Dec & time for lists of best & recommended albums but it will be slim picking. Not just album but there isn't any song that stood out either. I read an article telling David off for criticising the current state of chinese pop music & concluded that David would not be missed when he retired. But the thing is DT will not criticise unless he has given up & it will take a lot for him to give up. Cos for a man who can even find something profound to talk abt blue jeans, he can surely find something good to say. But being an honest man, he really has nothing good to say abt chinese pop music now & I agreed with him.
Like this morn I was randomly watching mtv & Jay's new hiphop mv came out followed by Jay-Z's new mv for Roc Boys. They shouldn't have cos the difference is so glaring. Jay is living on borrowed time from the past. His musical influences stopped roughly at 1999 & he nvr seems to want to move on. Luckily for him, Asia seems to be on a neverending retro kick so his music dun sound too dated. Jay-z on the other hand took musical influences from 1970s & remixed them for the 2000s in his new album American Gangster. Already the album is getting good reviews & I can understand why when listening to Roc Boys. The horns section in there is just pure magic, luv it! I went & read some of his interviews for this album & was once again reminded of David in the way he talked abt pulling the album together by telling stories, the painstaking recording & production process. Guess all great musicians think alike ^__^

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