QZ snapshots

Nothing like a DT pix to cheer me up. Lips look luscious - yumminess factor vry high hee ^__^ Loads more pixs here & here.
Of all the fans he invited upstage, I like her the most cos she is beautiful, dignified & closer to his age. Wonder if she's available *__*
Dear dear he just looks so serious & adorable when he tries to be all sexy. I think he has put on some weight & is looking all hunky again. Make me just wanna sweep the hair from his forehead hah!
My fav pix ^__^ although chemistry still lacking but they look like they are having loads of fun which is the main thing. Anyway the concert satisfied most of his fans & there were praises for his superb singing. David was happy too as he was afraid that the Quangzhou audience used to vry elaborate staging may not enjoy his more simplistic concert. However he still felt that a concert should focused more on music & singing to wow the audience. Dear DT dare to be different! I will always support you *__*

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