Hey DT

According to the Malaysian forums, David was the second last to appear. He sang Can't get outta my mind, Love Can and I love you. Then a duet with Stephanie Sun - Beatles' Hey Jude. Wow sound wonderful. They kept praising his singing & vocals so I guess his health is back to normal. Also it was so hot that he kept perspiring & his clothes became wet >"<
This is Ivana Wong (王菀之), one of the new HK singers who can sing, looking vry pleased cos she received this gift of a crystal piano with David's signature. After attending David's first concert in HK, he has became Ivana's ideal dream lover ^__^ but not actually sure where his signature is - on the piano or card? A talented songwriter, lyrist & pianist, Ivana has written many songs for many HK singers including Jacky Cheung. In fact it was Jacky who first introduced her to the public in his 2004 concert where they sang one of the songs she wrote for him:

She looked different now cos she lost a lot of weight which kinda sickening in HK showbusiness where all the girls have to look like stick insects.

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