Lost lamb

OMG I didn't know David will be so depressed & ashamed abt his being drunk. So sry I didn't mean to laugh at him in my previous post. Actually I didn't think it was such a big deal. I think if this has happened in LA, he would have coped with it better as he is more comfortable in giving directions in english & more familar with the roads. But he hardly ever drove in Taipei so it must be difficult for him to find his way back to his recently moved home when he is not sober.
Even though he is being joked abt & his image may have slipped but I actually like him a lot better when he revealed this crazy, wild badboy side ^__^ All he wanted was a few hrs of forgetting that he is a celebrity who has to watch his every step. Thank god his guardian angel must have been looking after him cos he could have been robbed & hurt bodily.
My wonderful DT, to me you are still imperfectly perfect & an incident like this will not taint your image too much. If ppl think less of u cos of this well they must be pretty immature. It is acceptable behavior in the west & now even in the east for both men & women to visit a bar almost everyday for a few hrs of drinking afterwork so really what David did was not so unforgivable. Of cos I do hope from now on he will drink a lot less as liquor is not good for either his health or his voice.
I do feel a bit fearful that he might be feeling stressed to be drinking so much. Maybe the pressure of finishing his movie script, the new album, the ongoing concerts gets too much for him. Perhaps he is thinking he hasn't accomplished a lot this year. All I can say is all great artists have ups & downs, this is the nature of real talent. If its smooth sailing all the way, then you should start to worry. A big fat storm with vivid lightning flashes, rumbling thunder & skyhigh waves is infinitely preferable & far more interesting.
In fact this episode is like something out of an idol series heehee famous singer got drunk & landed in police station. I would nvr have believed it could happen in real life & to my idol - David Tao. Lately he seems to be living the life of a soap idol. Going to Italy with his parents & fan asking for his autograph in Rome. Asking a highly sought after female singer to star in his yet unnamed movie without a script & being accepted in front of a big audience.
So don't worry David. Your fans will not love you less cos your feet could sometimes turn to clay. Sometimes you are like a lost lamb & I cherish you even more.
Lost Lamb
Be quiet, little lost lamb
Stop your fearful trembling
The heart of the Good Shepherd
Knows there is one lamb missing
From his safe, loving fold
He will come for you soon
His perfect vision sees
The tracks your small feet made
Across the verdant pasture
He knows the sweetness
Of the poisoned spring you chose
To quench a thirsting soul
Soon his footsteps will sound
Upon the rocky soil
His tender hands will move
The thorns that hold you fast
High upon his shoulder,
He will bear you home.
(By Virginia Walden Hogue)

Happy New Year to David & all his fans. Let's all be lost lambs waiting to be saved *__*


udonotknowme1 said...

Happy New Year Zhaodi!

It's great to be able to comment again. I understand the need to get away from it all sometimes.

Shan't say much as you always take the words right out of my mouth! :D

Take care. All the best with the year ahead. May we all live, learn, love and grow together as we follow DT's journey and go through out own.

Remember, you are never alone.

Zhao said...

Hi hi thks for yr comments, yeah sry but the comment link was giving me a lot of trouble so I had to shut it down for a while. But it seems ok now :D Hope the others will come bk too & make 2008 the most commented of all haha