Missing DT

Vry adorable sideview of our Dave (credit & thanks to DTFC). Hope everyone including David had a great Christmas. Not sure where he is now, hopefully back in LA for some rest as he has some activities in China & the Big John party in Taipei next mth. Wow it will be next year next week. Not sure abt David's schedule for nxt year, he is always vry vague & always say the same thing: concentrating on movie, more concerts (even though he is supposed to taking a break from them) & if he is a good mood, he will say new album & if he is not, then no album. I have a feeling even EMI has no idea what he is up to ^__^ He just refused to get tied down. Anyway I am just happy he is happy doing his own thing whatever it is.
Btw my cousin told me this funny thing abt Jay's LA concert where ppl began throwing lightsticks at the stage. It was getting dangerous as quite a few ppl were hit, anyway they had to send a guy out to tell the audience to stop it before Jay was willing to come out :P Dun know but I thought it was so hilarious, the idea of Jay hiding backstage till the audience stop throwing lightsticks. This is also a pet peeve of David who repeatedly told the audience NOT to throw lightsticks but I dun think he went so far as to hide backstage.


lynnwei said...

thank you for giving a chance to comment! i've been waiting a long time to comment...

you're doing a great job writing updates on david tao! thank u!!

keep it up!

Zhao said...

Thanks for yr comments, lynnwei. I am glad u like the blog :)