The duet :)

Seems most ppl like DT & Stef duet of Hey Jude the most during the ntv7 concert which is unsurprising as it was really superb. Good chemisty & even better harmony, even their outfits match *__* David sang lower & also roughened his voice as contrast to Stef's sweet high notes. The last part where he sang backup to her was so good, he really knows how to bring out another singer if that singer is up to it of cos. Fortunately Stef was in good form & there was less squeakness.
Got this off a blog (sry forgotten where so can't give credit) but this pix tells a lot. Often wonder why for such a good singer Stef can sometimes sound so hesitant live. I think it could be her slight lack of confidence & need for someone to guide her. David was a bit protective & Stef seems to look to him for guidance. I think he even held back a bit for her cos I was waiting for him to let loose with 'judejudejudejudejude' at the end but he only did a bit which was disappointing. But it could be he didn't wanna unbalance her. In fact one viewer even said it was almost like she was his guest at his concert hah but anyway for their first cooperation, it was an unmitigated success. Also when they finished singing, apparently they helped to wipe off each other's sweat during the commerical break ^__^ dear dear even though I am still holding on for DT/Penny union but DT/Stef seems acceptable too hee!


Anonymous said...

hey, how can I download this video? Don't read chinese, so can't download fr the tudou website. Want this video badly coz I have been wishing for both of them to collaborate........it's like a dream come true :)


Zhao said...

Try the youtube ones above. Hope u can watch the duet as its really excellent. Merry Christmas ;)