David's version of Moon over my heart vry popular song during recent mid-autumn holiday. Original song written by this chinese songwriter living overseas and becoming homesick. Original singer was oso not Teresa Deng but she popularised the song to the extend that most chinese of all ages noe this song. Oso a song chinese singers like to sing during concerts even now. David didn't just updated the song but he rewrote sum of it adding new lyrics. Oso this updated version not written 4 himself but after finishing, he liked it so much he kept it heehee which is great cos he sang it so well.
David's version oso haf a great mv. Story borrowed heavily from Korean movie One Fine Spring Day. Actually Tension's Wandering with the moon mv reminded of this mv. Both dun played the entire song & with just few scenes tell complete story of love & heartbreak.
The mv oso haf David plucking the chorus on guitar & its incredibly beautiful. Oso like the way the chorus kept being played on piano, David acappella singing & later the girl humming on tape. Sum ppl dun like the mv cos it dun haf the whole song but vry daring to just haf the song as background & the story as main part of the mv. David shot only a few mvs but I find all of them vry interesting & original. His vry first mv Airport in 10.30 was nominated for MTV awards & the first mv from I'm OK, Rain won Best Chinese video in 2000 MTV Awards. So even in his mvs, can see that David always strived to give the best to his audience.
Moon over my heart mv included in 2nd release of Black Tangerine, but if u haf not seen it, go here to dl.

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