11 haochanfang, David's docu dvd apparently hard to find now, & so for missred & others who cannot afford or find the dvd, upload 2 files that haf clips of the music making docu. First promo last yr wif lotsa clips of Lucky, David's dog, & Wah Wah, his longtime lyrist. Second compilation of snippets starting wif cute word association game with David. Not sure where I dl them, either tao-zhe.com or shocksound.com, anyway credit to both. As I mentioned to mercuria @ forum, not too sure abt the purpose of this docu, but lotsa fans seemed to like it. I enjoyed it tremendously but 4 those who r not his diedhard fans, can be a bit boring. Would haf liked more abt the music making like the bonus demo cd in Ultrasound, still David nvr compromised 4 his fans, so maybe he did it with view to satisfying those who wanna noe more abt him.



Up for 7 days. Oso Tangerina haf post sum adorable David wallpapers @ forum so go there if u looking 4 sum. Oso good news Tension fans, Wandering with the moon No 1 @ Groove Asia. This is majorly Korean Americans site so great start 4 Tension upcoming promo in Korea. But dun wander into the forum lotsa unnecessary posts abt their less than boyband looks altho David got sum support there.


zoe said...

I got the DVD~!!! XD XD through YesAsia~ I beg my bro to send the money for me coz I don't have time..
it looks really nice & I like all the clipping but since I don't understand Chinese.. I wish he'd make Eng-sub :sniff: would luv to understand all of his words in it..

Zhao said...

Great zoe, hope u enjoy it altho last time I check, it as outta stock at Yesasia, still plse post yr comments on it # the forum if u haf time.

zoe said...

I wanna say something at the forum too but I'm totally speechless~ & don't know what to say.. I guess I like being more personal when talking to ppl >///< Thanks for the encouragement btw ;)

Zhao said...

U can say anything zoe, w r family here heehee dun worry (*_____*)

Anonymous said...

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