David in Singapore I think prolly last yr, luv de chinese characters of his name. Oso he looked so man *sigh* its hard being his fan cos he haf so little news. Sumtimes think I am the only fan left just taking to myself abt my idol in cyberland heehee, but its ok cos imma determined to keep this blog till the release of his new album. It may not be a best selling or award winning album but dun care so long as its a David Tao album. He is not 'incomparable' & prolly haf little to no chances of winning international awards again, or selling millions of albums across Asia, but he is David Tao and that enough for me.
Btw sumone kindly post link to David's guitar tabs @ DTFC english forum, go there if u r looking for them.


Anonymous said...

hie... I've been keeping up with ur blog for a long time and i guess it's about time i post a comment. i just wanna say 'keep it up!'... U've done a good job in this blog :) anyhow, I think there's really no prob in David winning any awards cos he's contributed so much to chinese music.. but, like u said, it doesn't really matter ;)

Anonymous said...

DONT EVER THINK YOU"RE THE ONLY ONE LEFT THAT'S SUPPORTING DAVID!!!! i think that david's fans are the 'quiet type' who doesnt like to talk much abt other singers.. but its always the other fans that talk bad abt david.. though he may not sell millions, but his album DOES sell.. i believe that good music just will!!! and i sincerely DO THINK that david can and WILL win more AWARDS in the future!!!!! so dont sound so pessimistic k?? :) btw!! GREAT JOB ZHAODI!! pls dont stopkeeping us updated even after his new album is out... and the pic was taken last yr.. during his autograph session at marina bay in s'pore.. i was there :)

zoe said...

yeah~ he got such unique name XD I think it was really easily recognize even with someone who doesn't know any Chinese like me lol~
I'm very thankful for ur Blog since DT.ORG crash... T-T
hmmmm I can't do much here except for listening to his songs everyday [& maybe try to sing along with my crappy voice :P]... is that enough to become his 'fan'?

Zhao said...

Thank u all so much for yr comments, I do luv my blog & writing abt David & will continue to do so for as long as I can, & Zoe u r the sweetest DT fan (*_____*) Anonymous #2 u r so lucky to meet him.

Anonymous said...

yes, it is confirmed that the photo (not sure where you got from?? :) was taken at David's Singapore ultrasound autograph session abt a week before he held his Malaysia concert in mid Sept 03.

in fact, the signboard (which he partially blocked) said ULTRAAUTOGRAPH. cool.

~ tzwlh (fei) 23 Oct 04

Zhao said...

Thanx 4 confirmation fei, dun remember where I dl the pix or I would haf given credit. Wasn't in Singapore at the time or I would haf went to get his autograph.