Seemed not many ppl noe abt David's first karaoke vcd so I post 4 missred & others. Thanx to fei, I haf forgotten the Soul Power Concert karaoke dvd/vcd. Anyway this first karaoke vcd out of print & so can be hard to find. There r 12 mvs including 4 from his first album & 5 from I'm OK album. 3 r live versions with footage from his 2000 concert in Taipei. Here sum reviews & rating of the mvs:
1) Airport in 10.30 - Really like this one, very avant garde. Noted for not showing David's full face. Also the girl being a stewardess and playing with planes reminded me of scenes in Chungking Express. Indeed the mv has WKW stylish, urban look.****
2) I Love You - Surprisingly David's signature song do not have mv just this live version at his 2000 concert. But its quite nice with scenes of balloons falling on the audience. ***
3) Blue Moon - Quite suitable for the song, very soothing with David as a waiter in a restaurant by the seaside. Its filmed in b/w. ***
4) Bastard - Quite a fun mv with this guy who is a loser being picked upon by everyone. Intercut with David in this wacky hairstyle playing guitar and making funny faces. ***
5) Spring Wind - The starting was great with some old scenes of a traditional Chinese home and voiceover of an old woman saying in taiwanese, "Granny has something to tell you, first you must be a good daughter, then a good wife and finally a good mother. This is the responsibility of all women." But then the mv falls back on stock shots of women posing for the camera. But there are many nice closeups of a most adorable David. ***
6) Everthing's Gone - Live version with footage of his concert and promo during I'm OK release. **
7) Rain - Terrific mv done in western style. Scenes of buildings falling, explosions, war scenes intercut with normal life going on. David standing on a deserted beach and rain falling down while he celebrates with a bunch of African Americans. There's a documentary look about it and a social message when you listen to the song. *****
8) Small Town Girl - Another mv done in western style suitable for the country rock song. David as kitchenhand is cute and so adorable when he stole a chicken to celebrate with the girl. The parting scene is also well done in the train station with David and the girl sitting silently, and then the girl leaving. David is left alone and sadly he departs, very like the ending of a European art movie. In fact the whole mv is very film noir. ****
9) Regular Friends - This mv is the least interesting. Just David singing and closeups of some pretty girls. **
10) Leave - Very cool mv and David looked like the leading man of a romantic movie. Especially the scene where he sat down to talk to his girlfriend who later left but he went on talking. Also when they were both sitting at the table but doing their own things. Some great closeups of David. ****
11) Close to you - My favorite mv. Here David was the chauffeur of a beautiful girl and he of course fell in love. But the girl didn't notice him at all and he looked longingly at her while he drove her around. Then the girl went out with a goodlooking guy and David became jealous. The next day he left a note in the car and the girl was touched. Very simple and sweet. Here you can see David doing things like lifting weights, putting on his tie, doing pushups and drinking a cup of coffee in a tiny home which looked like a cabin or a mobile home. The interior is really interesting and when he went out, there was a bike leaning outside. David looked marvellous in a suit and tie, and the girl is very appropriate being simple, stylish and pretty. He redid the mv when he came out with the 2003 version but it was not as good as this one. *****
12) Angeline - Live version with concert footage. *


Anonymous said...

zhaodi (and missred), layhua is right. the grey-cover karaoke vcd can still be found in Singapore (and Malaysia i think) but it needs some diligent search effort.

by the way, this isn't "David's only karaoke vcd"-you have forgotten that he did release another recently, for Soul Power HK concert :)

~ tzwlh (fei)

Zhao said...

Thank u so much fei, yeah forgot abt the concert dvd cos I always watch with the karaoke off. Wondering if ppl who see this vcd can buy it (if u can afford) for those who r looking for it & of course willing to pay for any delivery charges.