The way David looked in 1997 after release of 1st album, when he was writing songs for L.A.Boyz heehee. Okie, answering sum questions 4 kabuki, mercuria & tangerina (*_____*). This album is 'wei yi' meaning 'the only' compilation album of L.A.Boyz & release date was May 2003. Nvr heard of L.A.Boyz b4 & it was after knowing David wrote songs 4 them & after hearing Kingston Man (David doing reggae!), started looking 4 more Boyz songs written by David. I absolutely luv all the songs he did 4 them. Besides ones mentioned here, there's oso Dazzled, My Gift to You, New Jack Swing & Clown Ballon which u can dl @ DTFC english forum if links r still up. All the songs haf such great beats & matched perfectly the distinctive voices of the Boyz. David oso arranged & produced most of the songs, & cowrote sum of the lyrics plus background vocals. I guess really if u add together all the songs that David wrote & produced 4 other singers in his career, he really quite productive. Upload Real Man as requested by kabuki, vry soothing song & David cowrote the lyrics. Enjoy!



shirley said...

omg... this has gotta be the clearest pic of David in his lil longer hair i've seen so far. I've better right-click & save it coz we prolly won't get to see him in a long hair anymore...LOL...thks zhaodi for the pic... =)

Zhao said...

glad u like it shirley :)