At last sum news on David thanx & appreciation to those guys @ davidcn.com. First David had corrective eye surgery cos wearing contact lens he haf problem on stage with de lights shining in his eyes. Considering longterm career on stage, he decided to have the surgery as relative common & safe.


Next sum silly rumor that he had brief fling with newcomer who oso studied in US. They did met b4 but both denied they had 'one night stand' *sigh* His recording co EMI told media to plse stop pestering David wif silly rumors as he haf to focus on his new album which is 80% completed (yeah!!!!!) & album release prolly scheduled end of Nov (yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Recording of Wuhan Sprite sponsored miniconcert oso posted @ davidcn. Was all teary 2 see him on stage again. He looked gorgeous as usual, maybe even more gorgeous than ever hehehehehehehe. It was vry screamy crowd & he sang 3 songs - Shanghaied, Season of Loneliness & I Love You. 2 interesting things he said at the end of I Love You - first he confirmed abt his new album release & concert in mainland next yr (yeah, yeah, yeah) and then he said, "I really sing live" b4 rushing off stage almost bumping into the backdrop. Noticed he always rush off the stage, so adorable like a little boy let off school kekekekkekekekeke. Reason he said was that he was singing to a prerecorded backing track cos the PA system was not good enough to sing all live without being drowned by the crowd. This problem has been highlighted b4 when sum singers accused of lipsnyching @ miniconcert. Even the 12 girl band was accused & admitted they used a backing track as it was impossible to play live & be heard sumtimes. I find it so terribly sincere of David to admit to this problem & then tried to sing live despite the problem cos haf to be accurate to sing to a backing track.

In Shanghaied u can tell he struggled a bit & gave up a little at the end, just humming to the track. Season of Loneliness was all live as he really concentrated & sang over the track. I Love You was oso mostly live and he did a great job singing accurately so u hardly noticed the backing track except when he forgot & pointed the microphone at the audience heehee. So how can u not love this guy who is just so sincere that he even tried to overcome this kinda problem not really his fault? Most singers just give up esp newcomers who r not professional enough to be able to sing accurately to a backing track. Oso as fans we should not be so demanding to expect singers to sing live under such conditions which cannot be controlled. Remembered watched New Year performance by Tension when they sang live & could not be heard so the crowd got restless, whereas the artists came after them lipsynched & was cheered loudly. Basically this kinda concert audience just wanna be entertained.

David tried his best to sing live under all sorta conditions & he is professional enough to do it. To those who is still accusing him of lipsynching in his concerts or enchancing his voice in his cds, plse go & listen to his speaking voice. He sounds exactly the same talking or singing whether the tone or pitch. He is one artist who nvr ever enhanced his voice in the studio, u will noe if u ever listen to his cds cos there r always slight imperfections in his tone & pitch. That is why listening to his cds is such an intimate experience u dun ever get wif 90% of the other chinese cds.


zoe said...

He wear contact lenses?!! short eye-sight?
OMG!!! I'm wearing right now~ is this a start of an obsession XD :gigglelikelilgirl:
He look so cute in that pic <3 <3

Zhao said...

hi hi zoe, yeah David wears glasses too, can see here

Anonymous said...

a late comment from me, but very happy to see a reference to a long term career on stage - does this mean lots more live work to come???? thanks for posting this zhaodi.