Okie, abt David's dad Tao Dawei & his films but only managed to find a few. First Fantasy Mission Force in 1983 with Brigitte Lin, Jackie Chan & Wang Yu. This pix only one that looked like him as most reviews dun mentioned him at all, except character impersonating Elvis Presley with sideburns. Supposedly he played Brigitte's twotiming boyfriend. Most of the reviews said its one of the worst chinese movies ever including this one @ View from the Brooklyn Bridge.
Then Xiao Jiang (eng title The Time You Need A Friend) in 1984, not much on it except it was directed and cowritten by John Woo so it should be quite good. Hmmmmm....wonder if the young David ever met this celebrated director.
In 1986 A Book of Heroes with Yukari Oshima & directed by Chu Yen Ping. Review here.
Finally Ninja Supremo in 1987 & short review @ Yahoo - As a disciplinary act, a rebellious teenager is sent to study the ancient skill of kung fu and returns a master and a hero, ready to take on the terrible hunchback who is out to kill his master.
Tao Dawei is multi-talented as he can act, compose, sing and illustrate. His latest project is animation series for kids called Yappy Dog for which David sang the theme song, Brilliant Alive.

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