This is Eric Suen whom David wrote 2 songs & one of them, Midnight Blue, is marvellous, kinda Marvin Gaye sexual healing but in a good way. Oso u can heard David's backing vocals all thru the song esp the doorbell chorus & his cutesy, sexy sighing (dun u think he sound cute when he is doing sexy heehee). Lyrics oso kinda daring. The other song Definite is oso title of one Eric's album. A fast & extremely 'David Tao' catchy track. U can dl both @ DTFC english forum, but must register first. Eric definitely haf nice vocals. Apparently he may be releasing a new album soon according to his fansite. Oso u can dl mpg of Eric singing I Love You in the video section, & saying he is singing Tao Zhe song in the intro (ahhhhhh so sweet, luv ppl mentioning his name). He sang extremely well. Actually I dun noe who Eric is but seem kinda famous in tv chinese series which I hardly ever get to watch. His most current album was released in 2002.

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