Picked up this compilation album of L.A.Boyz today, vry nice, haf 7 tracks by David - Kingston Man, Young Gun, R.O.C.K., That's the way, Pure Energy, Real Man & Yabbadabbadoo. Heard all b4 except R.O.C.K. & Real Man. Real Man classic r&b & sound a bit like Tension's Always Love You in Love Planet written by Andrew Chu & David esp the beginning. R.O.C.K. is surprising cos it sounds like David channelling Queen kekekekekekekekeke. It haf mixture of rock, neo soul, funk & hip hop. Wouldn't it be great if Tension can redo all these songs? Anyway I upload R.O.C.K. cos it so surprising & proved once again that David is 1 of the most versatile, talented Chinese songwriters around today.
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