To curious, I am a girl and thanx 4 yr comments. I am slightly dyslexic & cos it was not detected earlier, I haf problems coping socially & still do. Early last yr I heard David's Black Tangerine & this song described perfectly my frustrations & fears. Since then his songs haf comforted me & gave me hope as well as strength. I used to fantasied a lot cos life was so miserable & meaningless. But somehow listening to his songs, I learnt that life can be beautiful and not to fear reality. Oso he showed me how to be chinese again, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Nvr noticed there's David Tao ring, so haf apply to join, its pending as u can see.


Anonymous said...

Hie!!! I became a David T fan almost the same way as u did... I was in one of the darkest hours of my school life with a lot of probs and there seemed to be no one interested in listening to me.. I came across DT's ultrasound album somehow n after listening to his songs, esp ones like 'rain' and 'black tangerine' n 'i love u', it was as if i went through a metamorphosis... I guess that's what David's music is, moving and powerful enough to change pple's lives. :)

zoe said...

I ask a pre-teen Chinese girl in Shantou if she know about DT & she said 'Well, his songs r pretty dark'.. [something like that, since I couldn't speak Chinese & she speak very few Eng..] So I figure maybe she's too young to understand the depth in his song :giggle:

Zhao said...

Thanx anonymous & zoe, u dun know how I appreciate that others feel the same way as I did abt David. He was my savior, the shining light during my darkest hrs. I can't thank him enough.

Anonymous said...

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