Studio Classroom haf English lessons & 1 of them is on David! How cool is that. U can dl questionaire titled A Pop Star with a Message & see if u can answer all of them heehee. I failed miserably *sigh* guess imma not up on him as I thot. Oso it based on magazine article in Nov not out yet, but hopefully online cos it haf the all important answer to WHERE DAVID WAS BORNED kekekekekekekekek. Anyway will keep lookout 4 the article next mth. Really think David more famous than ppl think or the english teachers there all his fans. The questionaire at the end asks How are you similar or dissimilar to David Tao? hmmmm.....wonder what sorta answers they get.
Another foreign blog mentioning David, talk abt discovering I'm OK album. Tried translating into english but dun make sense but still anything on David worth mentioning here rite, think its french.
Ppl always amazed how I write so much on David, actually blog writes itself. Guess started this blog cos so much negative news on David & wanna balance it up a bit with nice stories on him & they keep coming. Cos cannot bury truth & sincerity no matter how hard they tried. Most of the chinese media & a big part of the chinese entertainment industry want us to believe for sum unknown reason (prolly fear that music serves other purpose than to make money) that David is way past his use by date, that he is a copyist, that nobody cares or is touched by the kinda music he wants to do & the world to listen, or the messages he wants to convey. But imma glad my blog holds the proof that ppl do care & they r listening with their hearts & minds, & they r touched by his talents, his music & the person he is.


zoe said...

Waiiii~ I wanna tell u how much I appreciate your blog~!! :D since I don't understand much Chinese~& Thailand only promote Sony's artist [Yep! Chinese singers that we know here are F4 & Jay.. how shameful~!] I actually wanna scream to everybody here about 'David Tao' with alil' wish that he'd come to Thailand someday~!! [Jay got a concert so why not David?!!! if only more ppl know of him XD]

:hug: Thank you so much for making me head over heel with David~!!!

Zhao said...

Hi Zoe, thanx 4 yr comment & glad u r David fan fr Thailand. Myself like Bangkok vry much hehehehe. If u like, can join forum to chat with other David fans okie.

Anonymous said...

so where do we get the answer to the questionnaires? ;P

Zhao said...

Not sure but will post once I find out okie (*____*)