Okie I checked everywhere & according to Tom biography David was borned in Shanghai so I will leave this until further confirmation he was borned in Hong Kong. Oso remembered he mentioned listening to Musicradio in kindergarten & that station in mainland china. Upload I Believe mv for file sharing cos I need sum encourgement & that song vry uplifting. Oso its karaoke version 4 ppl wanting the chinese lyrics, but quality not too good. English lyrics @ blog forum. Oso reminder that all David's singles, albums & dvds alredi posted with pixs & reviews if newbies dropping by want sum idea of what David is all abt. Oso posting pixs of diff versions soon & sum more reviews I hope *sigh*



Anonymous said...

ermm..i think david's born in hong kong. he mentioned during an interview with matilda tao last year that he knows a little cantonese cos he was born in hong kong.

Zhao said...

Thanx vry much 4 yr info, but everywhere it said David borned in Shanghai. He definitely spend time in HK when he was a boy. But thanx again :)