Credit to davidcn.com
Such a fabulous poster must post heehee. David looks so cooooooooool, luv the shirt & pose, just wonderful. Sprite poster out in China, seemed there r cans 2 with his pix, but ermmmmmm not 2 crazy abt pix on can, bit 2 commercialized. But posters r GOOD, can put on walls.
Lotsa Tension activities, on air interviews, playing bball, S'pore promo. Will try to update on Blog forum soon. Okie David's Lullaby seldom heard but great little song which David haf as last track on Black Tangerine, Katrina dun count as only demo. Vry fitting as last song cos its full of love & with love comes hope & strength. So I haf it translated to know fully what it means, & now share with u guys.

Look at that lavender sky
Vanishing quickly in a moment
All beautiful visions suffer the same fate
My treasured one too hope for the next day
Looking at your innocent face
The world has become my paradise
Child, smile sweetly in your dreams
In my embrace you can sleep safely
Shadows are the toys of monsters
Let you imagine you are in a horror play
The moonlight on the wall playing a game
Real or an illusion?
Sometimes it's hard to tell them apart

Let's go to the Milky Way to pick a star
In your fantasised journey of danger
I will accompany you
Please don't cry, I am by your side
I will not let anything hurt you
Your little hand tightly in mine
We will flee from your nightmares
For you, I will do anything willingly
My treasured one, cover up with your blanket
Outside your window the wind is blowing
You must learn not to be afraid of the dark
Soon you will only have yourself
To face life's happiness and sorrow
But remember my love will always be with you
Good night

Music by David Tao, lyrics by David Tao/Wah Wah, sang by David Tao from Black Tangerine album

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