David @ Hong Kong prolly last yr. Can sumone verify if David borned in HK or Shanghai so can update his profile? Did lotsa updating at forum with Tension info including their flight info into S'pore on Sep 30, hope fans can go & give them warm welcome. Oso Azio will be repeating Global Chinese award show this Sat, its vry long. Prolly dun wanna tune in as alredi watch most of David's footage thanx to davidcn. Dracolshian haf been vry helpful with album reviewing & vry enjoyable reading. If sum of the regulars can oso post their reviews, it will be vry nice & good way to introduce David's music. I mean u guys r fans cos of his music so u must haf sum opinion on it rite.


Leo said...

So funny to see an Asian using "prolly"! If an American says that, it means they are from the hills where there are still outdoor toilets and no electrical lights or running water. It is worse than "ain't". :-)

Of course that is where I live, in the hills of eastern Kentucky. Loretta Lynn, the coal miner's daughter, was born just a few miles from here.

Have fun!


Zhao said...

Thanx Leo 4 the comment, yeah kinda lazy typing heehee, dun noe who is Loretta Lynn, r u fan of David or just passing by but no matter thanx 4 yr comment okie.