DT shanghaied

David will be in Shanghai for this Nokia music festival on 11/15. Another bigscale concert *sigh* Come out with yr album already so you can end yr contract & stop being a paid singer. Dear DT, we love you & we dun care if you ceased being a popstar. We just want you to walk your walk, continue your music & movie journey without selling out.
Selling out is just such a common feature in chinese entertainment now. Even Qing Feng of Sodagreen cannot avoid walking the familiar road of becoming famous, becoming commercialised & writing songs for female idol singer known more for popularity than singing. David has been down that road before & my heart ached for him then. I am glad that he has stopped writing songs for other singers now cos I think he realised the futility of writing songs for singers who are not able to express what he wanted to express in a song.

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