DT news roundup

It was reported that Harlem Yu who has some domestic problems lately sang Bastard with a guest during his program & that he seemed to enjoy belting out: you will regret all your life *roll eyes* But it is true that there does seem to be a DT song for every occasion ^__^
There was some weird rumor that Ella will be singing a duet with DT in his new album but I doubt that David will do another boy/girl duet. Now there's news that Ella wrote lyrics for Huang Yida so I think it was probably a mistake in the first place & Yida was the singer/songwriter whom Ella worked with not DT. Much as I like Ella, dun really wanna hear another duet from DT.
Apparently Rain has been having problems with his new single Rainism cos of the supposedly 'explicit lyrics'. Which made me think of DT's Let's fall in love. Has he ever been in trouble with that song's 'explicit lyrics' I wonder?
Apparently Stanley Huang has left Typhoon & is now with Warner. He will be releasing his new album soon *sigh* Poor DT, when can you get yr freedom? Maybe his TW fans can set up a Release DT tent outside Typhoon office in Taipei & play his song Free 24/7 haha
DT Bond: Release me or else ...

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