Release DT!

A very DT pix credit & thanks to DTFC. He will be heading to Chengdu next weekend for a couple of fan meetings & another largescale concert for a telco company *sigh* seems that Show Luo's new album is coming out next mth, so there can be no denying that there is a deliberate delay on DT album. Even more so now it seems certain Jolin Tsai has signed up with Warner after the extremely quiet release of her english album. Although Typhoon has been heavily promoting Anson Wu as 'China's little r&b heavenly king', I think they would still wanna hang on to DT for talent power at award shows. At the moment he is their best bet for nominations & wins. Poor David, this is not the kinda pressure he wants at the moment surely. Come on, Ronald Cheng, I always thought you are someone with some integrity. Don't try & harnass him to your company. Give him his freedom to go do the thing he wants I beg of you.

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