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Almost full-length pix of the most mesmerising man in my life hehe He looked too gorgeous at least in my eyes ... & he sounded just as mesmerising *__* Thanks to Noshka's links to youtube vids posted by sansword of the entire DT portion of 11/1 concert:

In the 2nd vid before singing Butterfly, he told a biblical moral story called Parable of the Talents ^__^ He said he heard this story when he was doing his 3rd studio album (Black Tangerine). He was at a loss even though he had money, career & success. Even though he was happy making music, he didn't know what it was for. After listening to this story, he realised that he must not waste the wealth of talents his master (Jesus) has given him. He is such an adorable as well as ecclesiastical man -- worthy of my devotion. His rendition of Butterfly is the purest, most superb acoustic version I have ever heard. His voice, his singing, his guitar strumming is just out of this world, heavenly. Thank you so much sansword for posting the vids.
Noshka, I too wonder if David is going to vote & he may very well be back in US now since his nxt performance is on 11/15 in Shanghai. Although its possible to vote even if he is not in US, just have to go to the US embassy. Anyway this is a private matter for DT so all the best to the US Presidential Election.


Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot for translation of the story told by DT in the second video. The story is a so good and inspiring. How can I stop supporting DT?

Zhao, you are right. Going to the vote is a private matter I should not have questioned. <**>
BTW, (I just remember that) people who are unable to attend the official polling station on the election day can the early voting by using an absentee ballot. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absentee_ballot).

Anonymous said...

Oh I L-O-V-E this unplugged performance, just DT and the guitar. He looked comfortable and confident, that's my man !
PS : Zhaodi, I think he needs the lyric stand for the parable part - geez it's some 4 minutes or so...

Zhao said...

Thanks anon, agreed with u haha. Oh Noshka, dun mean to criticise u cos dun think DT will mind us asking. In fact I think he would be pleased that we care & yeah, how can we stop supporting DT?