Tao of bike

No news abt DT but he should be departing for Shanghai soon for the concert on 11/15. Just posting some nice pixs, above a big thank you to Beachgurl for sending to me. Really like his simple outfit. Also luv him when he is laughing with abandon:
At last a model with curves not bones ^__^ As to why DT was chosen to endorse a Bond movie, could be he is one of the few Taiwanese male artists BMW can trust to ride their monster bike up the stage without causing grevious bodily harm ... to the bike hehe There's a breathtaking motorbike stunt in the movie of cos but not sure if the bike is BMW.
Anyway I think DT has the makings of 007. He's ex-cop so he should know firearms & self-defence. He's suave & muscular *__* Not sure if he drinks martinis - shaken not stirred - but we KNOW the man likes to drink ^__^ The tabloids like to take unauthorised pixs of him with different women like promo pixs of Bond :P Lastly he can ride a bike pretty damn good.

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Anonymous said...

Good argument Zhaodi :-)

(why I suddenly remember the 80's tv series CHIPS - eeek :-)