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Our Dave did it again & got himself into the gossip rag:
punters got more than their fare share of skin this week when Shatina Chen (陳思璇) showed off a considerable amount of her leggy assets. The former “queen of the catwalk” had been laying low since she was caught last year in a late-night rendezvous with a married man on Yanmingshan. She returned to the spotlight this week in high style after performing a sexy number at a press conference during which she wore a skimpy black skirt that provided a clear view of her white knickers. Is there nothing models won’t expose for a little exposure?
If gossip rags are to be believed, Chen’s long legs were alluring enough to enrapture David Tao (陶吉吉), who sweated through her performance and drooled over her afterwards — an amazing feat, really, because Tao is notorious for pursuing sweet young thangs.
So much gossip so soon after returning to Taiwan. He must have wished he was back in LA. Dear DT, dun worry, I believe you are not a womaniser even though there seem to be a concerted effort by the Taiwan press to paint you as one. Some celebrities no doubt wish they have the level of exposure you have but you only want a quiet life *sigh* There seems to be early news that Jolin Tsai will most probably sign up with Warner to reunite with her ex-manager who gained fame as Jay Chou's No 1 enemy :P The news claimed that Jolin was not happy with the delay of her english album. At the moment Typhoon seems to be heavily promoting Anson Hu who is preparing for his first concert in Taipei & of cos Ronald Cheng. So it doesn't look very good for DT who was also rumored to be unhappy abt the delay of his album.


DT Indo said...

I find this article more like an insult to her than to him, since it said Shatina as no longer 'sweet young thangs'.. he he.
But I think she is still in good shape, I'm talking about her appearance, her body. So, there's nothing to worry about if David really pursue the girl. It is so natural, he is a man, needs a wife, very soon...... ^_^
Dear David, go chase anyone you dream of... This life is yours.

Zhao said...

Hi dt indo, yeah but dun worry Popstop kinda insults everybody. Just amazed that David can get himself into the gossip rags so quickly. The paparazzi must have been following him since he got off the plane >"<