David appearing as 007 at the opening nite of Quantum of Solace in Taipei. Once again surprised by his chameleon qualities to appear like serious singer/songwriter one nite & mandopopstar the next *__* There are not many who can straddled both worlds comfortably. But my does he look superduper suave in this event although don't much care for the WMD he is holding >"<
Some newsclips here, here & below. So wonderful to see him so relaxed & hearing his familiar making-me-melt voice and oh make sure you catch beginning of the clip below as he flew onstage on the BMW bike *heart stop* vry vry vry vry vry Bond hehehe

Also funny to see the slight distance he was trying to keep from the lovely model :P Could be cos he was followed by paparazzi earlier & caught on film walking with a pretty longhaired girl along the streets of Taipei. Dun wanna post the related pix cos it was taken without his permission but he looked MAN in a low-neck grey T with the coolest shades <33333333
Poor DT always at the mercy of the tabloids *sigh* but dun worry, we still love you as can be seen in these pixs of the 11/1 concert where a lot of his Taiwanese fans showed their support.


Anonymous said...

My name is Tao, David Tao :-)
The model at first looks like Carla Bruni, now I think she looks more like Pailin - the ms Universe fm Thailand who took part in current season of Amazing Race Asia.

As much as I like seeing DT there, can't help wondering, why David - of all the male personalities in Tw ? If he's still the Sony Ericcson "model" then it make sense, because SE was launching their Bond special edition


Zhao said...

Hi beachgurl, thx vry much for yr pix. Yeah the model is vry pretty :D