Mourning with DT

David looking like he lost a lot of weight & sleep. I lost a few pets myself so I probably understand how he is feeling & Lucky had been with him a lot longer than mine - 13 years. So maybe its a good thing he has a few more activities in China & then he can shut himself in the studio to put the finishing touches on his album. He told the audience that he will 'see them' in the New Year Eve concert in Shanghai which is also sponsored by Nokia.
As usual some fans complained his voice was hoarse & his live singing less than perfect. Strangely enough, I always wondered why at EVERY live performance & concert, there will be a few fans complaining abt his voice & singing but when I listened to the available recording, he sounded fine. Now with the debate abt lipsynching flaring again, I am beginning to wonder if some audience may not be able to differentiate between actual live singing & singing to a backing tape. For it seemed that lipsynching is more prevalent in China than I thought, a lot of ppl are coming out to say that as much as 80% of chinese singers opted to lipsynch & there were a lot of reasons from bad acoustics to singers who really cannot sing live. But the reason which really floored me was that a singer cannot remember the lyrics or even how to sing the hits that made them famous in the first place. Now that's really unprofessional.
So I am proud to say that on Nov 15 David sang Wang Bu Liao from his 5th studio album, Susan says from his 4th studio album, Rain from his 2nd studio album & I Love you from his debut album. He sang all of them live & maybe he did forget a few lyrics here & there but he made the effort to remember the songs & not rely on a backing tape. Actually I am not that against lipsynching if it makes for a better performance. A lot of chinese singers lack vocal power & they cannot project their voice even with a microphone. I find that annoying. Its like a chef who has great recipes but cannot cook well. Also apparently for some events, singers are allowed to tape their performances during rehearsal & lipsynched to them on the actual day. Which was what David & Jolin did when they sang Marry me today @ Spring Nite. But still most singers prefer to sing to a studio backing tape than pretaped a live performance. I don't know nor do I care anymore honestly. I think that chinese entertainment has made their bed of promoting 'singers' who can't sing & now they have to lie on them metaphorically speaking.

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