DT effect

Found another youtube version of David singing Butterfly @ 11/1 concert without the talking part. Already a lot of fans have been shaking their heads at his lapse in lyrics in this performance. But I guessing that he didn't even have time to rehearse which would explain the music stand. So he had to remember guitar chords as well as the lyrics. Also Butterfly is not the easiest song to sing even without strumming the guitar. If you are not careful, you could end going too high which almost happened with David. But he was just amazing as he kept his voice under control without using vibrato or going nasal. I have noticed he sometimes, but not often, used these vocal techniques in his live performances (not his concerts) when he was tired or trying to rest his voice. Remember this was his second song & he had been talking for abt 5 mins but the clarity of his voice just got better & better as he sang. He sang with conviction, with feeling, with love mixed with a tinge of sadness, right till the very end. His guitar strumming was almost flawless, matching the mood of the song without any kind of showman flourishes. What a command performance! Probably cos he was playing for God.

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