Sad news

Some sad news posted @ DTFC & davidtao forums that Lucky, David's pet dog, has passed away due to old age. At the moment not sure if it can be confirmed but do hope David is feeling alrite. I thought he had an aura of mourning when he sang Butterfly, it reminded me of Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven.
DTFC reported that he looked pale & tired @ the Nokia concert *heart pain* He sang 4 songs - Wang Bu Liao, Susan says, Rain & I Love You. Some other depressing news is that his fans & the media are getting suspicious abt his album delay. They felt that it was a delaying tactic by Typhoon as they are afraid he will end his contract with them after the album release & go off to film his movie. They wondered why there are still so many activities for David when he has no new album to promote. They also speculate that David may set up his own company rather than sign up with a record company. Anyway the writer of the article who could be a DT fan, concluded that it would be a pity that a music talent like David should be harnassed by commericalism and hoped that the album delay is due to something simpler like economic conditions.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear that DT who has lost one of his best friend, Lucky.

RIP Lucky!


Anonymous said...

I just thought about Lucky (with so much talk about "first dog" in DC, duh !).
So sorry about the news. It must have felt like losing a best friend.


Anonymous said...

I'd hope he write a song for 'Lucky'.. too many songs for the ladies already..

with that said I wouldn't know how I'd feel if my cats died..


Zhao said...

Thanks for yr msgs of condolences. For sure DT is aware that we are mourning with him.