DT @ Chengdu

David looking stressed in Chengdu. He arrived late for the press conference & only had time to pose for pixs before he was rushed backstage. It could be he didn't realised he was the first to perform as I think he had to play some games with selected mbrs of the audience. He sang Rain, Moon represents whose heart, Smalltown girl & Susan says. Before singing Susan says, David joked that he has the habit of getting a girl up to serenade & singing halfway he surprised the audience by leaping down from the 1m tall stage *gasp* maybe he is still in 007 mode hehe He then went up to his fanclub mbrs & invited a delighted girl fan upstage but the uniformed guards refused to let the girl entered the restricted zone so David had to get back on the stage by himself. I thought that was a bit unprofessional >"< Dear DT more singing less tricks plse :P
Still he did look happy performing cos he really loved his Chengdu fans who dun often get to see him. He told them that his album will most definitely come out in Jan09 & they will get to see his movie next yr too. Hopefully he is able to keep both his promises. Below is a great pix credit & much thanks to DTFC fan in Chengdu:
Read some news abt Typhoon wanting to sue Sam Chen who resigned after the controvesy with Jay last yr. Not sure what its abt but personally feel that Typhoon is just revengeful that he stole Jolin away *sigh* There's also speculation Stefanie Sun & A-Mei may go back to Warner cos of him. Also heard some rumor abt the largescale concert held in Taipei sponsored by Macdonalds. Seemed both companies for Show Luo & Wang Lee Hom were squabbling to have their stars sing last. Singing last meant that the singer has the most popularity to made the audience stay until they appear *roll eyes* Anyway since both endorsed for Macdonalds, the organisers were having a hard time to decide but finally opted for Show Luo causing some bitterness for Lee Hom & his company.
OK plse fans of both I am not saying this really happened cos its probably a makeup story by paparazzi. But the thing is dun think I have ever read abt squabbling who to appear last in Taiwan before. I know it does happen in China. In the past when both DT & Jay Chou were to appear in the same concert in Taipei, DT opened the concert & Jay appeared last. There was no squabbling abt who is the most popular. So I am thinking it might just be Typhoon wanting to promote Show since he has a new album coming out next mth. Anyway the more I read abt Typhoon & their method of managing their stars, the more I hope David is going to leave them soon.


Anonymous said...

DT did jump in Jakarta concert too. It was a 1 mtr + stage. He did it effortlessly, so athletically. W.O.W.
Too bad nobody took the pic (busy approaching him :-)


Zhao said...

Haha, he really likes to get intimate with his audience. Thanks, beachgurl.